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Central Information Commission

The Commission has decided to issue the following guidelines for registration of Second Appeal as prescribed under Rule 8 and 9 of the RTI Rules, 2012:

  1. Mandatory documents required for registration of Second Appeal :

    • The second Appeal duly signed and addressed to the Commission
    • Copy of the RTI application submitted to the Central Public Information Officer
    • Copy of the first appeal made to the First Appellate Authority
    • RTI, First Appeal and Second Appeal shall be related to each other
    • Above three documents must be legible
    • Above three documents must be in Hindi /English or a translated version in Hindi/ English should be provided
  2. Other Mandatory documents required for proper presentation of Second Appeal, if available

    • Copy of reply received from the CPIO
    • Copy of the order received from the First Appellate Authority
    • Copies of other documents relied upon by the appellant and referred to in his appeal
    • An index of the documents
    • All the documents shall be duly authenticated and verified by the Appellant
  3. The mandatory time period for filing the Second Appeal:

    • The Second Appeal can be filed after forty –five days after filing of First appeal or immediately after First Appellate Authority decision
    • The Second Appeal must be filed within 90 days from the date on which the First Appellate Authority decision was actually received by the Appellant or within ninety days after expiry of 45 days of filing of First Appeal in cases where no reply has been received
    • Condonation of Delay: If Second Appeal is filed after 90 days from the date on which first Appellate Authority’s decision was received by the appellant , the Commission may admit the Second Appeal if is satisfied that the appellant was prevented by sufficient cause from filing the Second Appeal in time.
  4. Additional guidelines for speedier disposal of the case

    • Provide background statement of the matter
    • Provide details of information sought, information not provided and reasons of dissatisfaction along with specific grounds for second appeal followed by specific prayer
    • If compensation is sought , the second appeal shall contain specific grounds for seeking compensation and details of detriment suffered because of not getting the information.
    • Provide a copy of order of CIC ,if any ,against the same public authority on the similar issue raised in the second appeal
    • Provide a copy of proof of furnishing copy of second appeal to the public authority
  5. Help in filing Second Appeal:

    • ** For additional help kindly see FAQ, Supreme Court / High Courts orders
    • Contact Help desk at 011-26767500 Email : for assistance in filing Second Appeal.
    • To enable Commission to help you, please provide your mobile no. and e-mail address in all communications.   

Last modified at 24/11/2023 17:16