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S. No. Title Recruitment Date Download
1 A detailed insight into the jurisdictions & limitations of section 8(1)(c),8(1)(D) 8(1)(I) of the Right to Information Act 2005 -Mr. Advait Chandra 25-06-2019 (614.5KB)
2 An insight into the Provisions of Penalty: Section 20 of the RTI Act. - Mr. Mayank Kumar 24-06-2019 (4637.7KB)
3 Non-Disclosure of intellectual property as information under the Right to Information Act 2005 - Ms. Shefali Singh 24-06-2019 (739.57KB)
4 Death for data : Analysing adversity of RTI Activists - Mr. Prakhyat Prakash Mishra 24-06-2019 (732.6KB)
5 Issues and Constraints in the Implementation of the RTI Act, 2005 - Mr. Raman Tripathi 20-06-2019 (951.04KB)
6 Impact of RTI Act on Corruption-BHARAT AGRAWAL 20-06-2019 (822.9KB)
7 Transparency in Corporate, Co-operative Trusts and Public Private Partnerships -Mr. Ayush Rastogi 20-06-2019 (640.79KB)
8 Analysis of Public Duty, its Application to Private Entities and International Perspective-Ms. Kratika Mandil 20-06-2019 (547.4KB)
9 Analysis of Suo-Motu Disclosure Through Case Laws& Sample Study on Different Ministries and Union Territories -Mr. Manav Sharma 20-06-2019 (993.69KB)
10 An analysis of Section 8(1)(D)(G)&(I) by Ambir Khan 12-06-2019 (356.53KB)


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