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S. No. Title Recruitment Date Download
1 Horizons of Section 2(h) of RTI Act, 2005 and an insight into the RTI Act by Pruthvirajsinh Zala 07-02-2019 (502.53KB)
2 Section-24 of the Right to Information Act, 2005 by Ankur Mishra 07-02-2019 (270.92KB)
3 Nebulous Domains Of RTI Act, 2005 by Devansh Rathi 11-12-2018 (163.94KB)
4 Section 8(1)(H) – A Judicial Review by Sahil Manganani - (557.02KB)
5 Impediments in the Impementation of RTI Act by Yash Borana 13-12-2018 (234.01KB)
6 A Treatise on the proposed amendment to section 8(1)(j) of the RTI Act, 2005 by Yashvardhan Singh 13-12-2018 (389.07KB)
7 Fiduciary Relationship under Section 8(1) (e) of RTI Act, 2005 by Safal Sethi 13-12-2018 (573.49KB)
8 Comparative Analysis of RTI Rules 2012 and Draft RTI Rules 2017 by Ramswaroop Bhati - (577.94KB)
9 Misuse of Right to Information Act, 2005 by Bhupendra Barhat - (662.16KB)
10 ANALYZING RIGHT TO INFORMATION ACT, 2005 by Akshita Singh - (696.6KB)


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