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S. No. Title Recruitment Date Download
1 An Eclipse of the Sun: The Story of a Shrunken Right by Pratibha Bhati 02-01-2020 (1229.11KB)
2 Judiciary and Right to Information Act:to Disclose or not Disclose? by Samrridhi Kumar 02-01-2020 (432.96KB)
3 Right to Privacy vis-à-vis Disclosure under RTI by Vasudev A 02-01-2020 (390.8KB)
4 Right to Privacy by Aditya Verma 18-09-2019 (282.52KB)
5 Judgements on Public Information Third Party Information and Stages of Departmental Action in RTI by Aakash Raj 05-09-2019 (537.09KB)
6 Right to privacy and Right to information are related to each other by Shreyans Gaur 05-09-2019 (877.37KB)
7 Supremacy of the RTI Act by Shivangi Verma 23-08-2019 (825.79KB)
8 Contemporary Relevance of Right to Information and Right to Privacy by Shubhangi Soni 23-08-2019 (1017.8KB)
9 Right to Information Act, 2005: Revolution by Vaibhav Mittal 23-08-2019 (1155.84KB)
10 Powers under Right to Information Act, 2015 and How it is used by Central Information Commission by Devesh Badoliya 23-08-2019 (418.55KB)


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