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Central Information Commission

List of Speakers

List of Speakers

Time Sub-Theme Chairperson Speakers

12th October 2012 - Friday

1000 Hrs Inaugural Address
Dr. Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India
1145 Hrs Key Note Address
Prof.Andre Beteille, National Research Professor
1430 Hrs Compliance, Lessons Learnt – Successes and Failures ShriWajahat Habibullah
Former Central Chief Information Commissioner
1. Dr O P Kejariwal, Former Central Information Commissioner
2. ShriG R Sufi, State Chief Information Commissioner, Jammu & Kashmir
3. Shri M N Gunavardhan, State Information Commissioner, Kerala
4. Shri D Thangaraj, State Information Commissioner, Karnataka
5. Shri Jagadananda, State Information Commissioner, Odisha

13th October 2012 - Saturday

1000 Hrs Right To Privacy Vs Disclosure ShriShashi Tharoor
MP, Lok Sabha
1. ShriA N Tiwari, Former Central Chief Infromation Commissioner
2. ShriVenkatesh Nayak, CHRI
3. ShriShekhar Gupta, Editor-in-Chief, Indian Express
4. ShriK T S Tulsi, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India
1400 Hrs Compliance, Lessons Learnt – Successes and Failures Mrs. Aruna Roy
Social Activist
1. ShriN S Napalchyal, State Chief Information Commissioner, Uttarakhand
2. ShriR I Singh, State Chief Information Commissioner, Punjab
3. ShriNaresh Gulati, State Chief Information Commissioner, Haryana
4. ShriRatnakar Gaikwad, State Chief Information Commissioner, Maharashtra
5. ShriBhim Sen, State Chief Information Commissioner, Himachal Pradesh
1630 Hrs Valedictory Address
SmtMeira Kumar, Speaker, Lok Sabha
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