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Circulars Of CIC

S. No Tile of Document Meeting Date Document
311 Office Order -Section 5 RTI Act, dated 07-10-2015 Download pdf File
312 Office order - Extension of deputation period of Shri Mukesh Kumar dated 13-10-2015 Download pdf File
313 Office Order-Work Distribution dated 17-11-2015 Download pdf File
314 Office Order-Redistribution of Work dated 17-11-2015 Download pdf File
315 Office Order-First Appellate Authority and CPIOs dated 23-11-2015 Download pdf File
316 Office Order-Appointment of Shri Y K Singhal, JS in CIC dated 09-11-2015 Download pdf File
317 Corrigendum, dated 19-11-2015 File No. 2-19-2015-CIC-Admn Download pdf File
318 Office Order-Leave arrangement 1st Officer and 2nd Offcer dated 24-11-2015 Download pdf File
319 Office Order - Shri Vijai Sharma, Chief Information Commissioner demited office on 01-12-2015 Download pdf File
320 Office Order-Transfer posting of Staff dated 02-12-2015


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