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S. No Tile of Document Meeting Date Document
291 Office Order - Repatriation order of Shri Rajiv Kumar dated 17.08.2015 Download pdf File
292 Office Order-Termination of Contract of CARETEL Infotech Limited for Call Centre Support to CIC dated 18-08-2015 Download pdf File
293 Office Order-Relieving of Shri Ranjeet Kumar, Stenographer Grade 'D' dated-19-08-2015 Download pdf File
294 Office Order-Extension of Contract Period of Legal Consultants dated 20-08-2015 Download pdf File
295 Office order - Appointment of Shri A.C. Patel , Joint Secretary in CIC Dated 25.08.2015 Download pdf File
296 Office Order-Relieving of Ms. Harshita Khanna, Legal Consultant dated-04-09-2015 Download pdf File
297 Office Order-Posting order of Shri Dinesh Kumar Dated 08-09-2015 Download pdf File
298 Office order - Work distribution of Joint Secretaries , dated 08-09-2015 Download pdf File
299 Office Order - Work distribution order of Deputy Secretaries and Section officers dated 08.09.2015 Download pdf File
300 Office Order - Appointment of Shri Atanu Purkayastha, Secretary in the Commission dated 16-09-2015 Download pdf File


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