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Central Information Commission

Circulars Of CIC

S. No Tile of Document Meeting Date Document
231 Appointment of First Appellate Authority And CPIOs dated 05-05-2015 Download pdf File
232 Office Order-Sh. Vijay Bhalla will look after the work of Registry of IC(KY) dated 11-05-2015 Download pdf File
233 Office Order-Posting of Shri Dhirendra Kumar, DS in Registry of IC(MP) and RTI Cell dated 11-05-2015 Download pdf File
234 Office Order-Joining of Smt. Achla Sinha as Additional Secretary, CIC dated-19-05-2015 Download pdf File
235 Office Order -Posting of Shri Bhupal Singh, Consultant in Admin Section dated 29-05-2015 Download pdf File
236 Office Order-Declaration of Head of Department for incurring Contingent and Miscellaneous Expenditure dated 04-06-2015 Download pdf File
237 Office Order-Posting of Shri Prakash, Consultant in Registry of IC(KY) dated 08-06-2015 Download pdf File
238 Office Order-Relieving of Shri D. C. Singh, DS dated 09-06-2015 Download pdf File
239 Office Order-Posting of Officers & Staff in Office & Registry of CIC(VS) dated 09-06-2015 Download pdf File
240 Order - Revised Work Allocation dated 24-06-2015 Download pdf File


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