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Central Information Commission

Circulars Of CIC

S. No Tile of Document Meeting Date Document
141 Office Order No. 3/3/2008-CIC-Admn dated 11-10-2010 (CPIO - Shri Mohapatra) Download pdf File
142 Office Order No. 3/3/2008-CIC-Admn dated 11-10-2010 (CPIO - Shri Padmanabha) Download pdf File
143 Letter of Authorisation of funds under Sub-Head 'Plan Scheme' of CIC No.14/3/2008-Admn-CIC dated 20-10-2010 Download pdf File
144 Office Order No. 3/3/2008-CIC-Admn dated 26-10-2010 (CPIO - Shri Purkait) Download pdf File
145 Cicular No. Circular/DS (P)/ 2011/1-CIC dated 30-12-2010 (Re-allocation) Download pdf File
146 Cicular No. CIC/DS(P)/Section 4/Comp/2010 dated 07-02-2011 (Transparency Officer) Download pdf File
147 Cicular No. Circular/DS(P)/ 2011/1-CIC dated 29-03-2011 (Re-allocation)(Clarification) Download pdf File
148 Office Order No. 26/1/2011-CIC/Admn. dated 22nd February, 2011 Download pdf File
149 Circular No. Circular/DS(P)/ 2011/1-CIC dated 30th June, 2011(Re-allocation) Download pdf File
150 Circular/DS(P)/2011-12/6 dated 10-08-2011(Maintenance of Leave/Tour details of CIC/IC's) Download pdf File


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