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Central Information Commission

Circulars Of CIC

S. No Tile of Document Date Document
211 Office Order- Engagement of Smt. Praveen Bala Kalia, Consultant dated 01-04-2015 -- (680.45KB)
212 Office Order- Engagement of Shri Bhupal, Consultant dated 01-04-2015 -- (595.79KB)
213 Office Orders-Posting of Shri D C Singh, Deputy Secretary and Deputy Registrar in Central Registry dated 08-04-2015 -- (521.19KB)
214 Office Orders-Appointment of Shri D C Singh and Shri Rakesh Kumar as CPIO dated 08-04-2015 -- (579.85KB)
215 Office Order No. 2/3/2015/Admn-CIC dated 13-04-2015 -- (133.24KB)
216 Circular- Medical Claim Form -- (91.13KB)
217 Appointment of Shri Joseph Chacko, Consultant in Office of IC (YA) dated 05-05-2015 -- (222.51KB)
218 Appointment of Ms. Praveen Kalia, Consultant in Admn Section dated 05-05-2015 -- (224.26KB)
219 Appointment of First Appellate Authority And CPIOs dated 05-05-2015 -- (748.13KB)
220 Office Order-Sh. Vijay Bhalla will look after the work of Registry of IC(KY) dated 11-05-2015 -- (350.59KB)