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Central Information Commission

Circulars Of CIC

S. No Tile of Document Date Document
21 Show cause order of the commission dated 27-09-2018 27-09-2018 (58.07KB)
22 Office order for Summons of Appearance before the Commission dated 26-09-2018 26-09-2018 (99.48KB)
23 Office Order for CPIO on 05-09-2018 05-09-2018 (348.09KB)
24 Office Order for Uniform Format 18-07-2018 (22.35KB)
26 Office order for pension of Chief Information Commissioner & Information Commissioner 05-07-2018 (1509.45KB)
27 Office order for allocation of Public Authorities 28-06-2018 (657.68KB)
28 Hearing of cases by the Commission in the case of death of the Appellant/Complainant 18-06-2018 (91.24KB)
29 Direction for registration of Second Appeal and Complaint 14-06-2018 (163.66KB)
30 List of Ministry/ Department/Public Authorities Registered in Commission as on 06-06-2018 06-06-2018 (292.55KB)


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