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S. No. Title Recruitment Date Download
21 A pattern of the misuse of Section 8(1)(a) of the RTI Act by Sagnik Sarkar 08-07-2019 (334.4KB)
22 Impediments in the Implementation of RTI Act 2005 "Misuses and measures for its effective implementation" by Parikshan Berry 08-07-2019 (453.89KB)
23 Existing system of scanning the second appeal/complaints in CIC, measures require for proper scanning and preparing e-book in systematic order by Keshav Roy 08-07-2019 (592.38KB)
24 Pros & Cons of RTI Act 2005 by Neeraj Kumar 08-07-2019 (375.38KB)
25 Compliance of Commission's orders-How to improve its timely implementation by Harshita Sharma 04-07-2019 (880.54KB)
26 The Clash Between RTI and the Right to Privacy by Anasuya Saranya Rayaprolu 04-07-2019 (261.03KB)
27 RTI a helping hand of government by Subhankar Kar 27-06-2019 (1148.13KB)
28 A detailed insight into the jurisdictions & limitations of section 8(1)(c),8(1)(D) 8(1)(I) of the Right to Information Act 2005 -Mr. Advait Chandra 25-06-2019 (614.5KB)
29 An insight into the Provisions of Penalty: Section 20 of the RTI Act. - Mr. Mayank Kumar 24-06-2019 (4637.7KB)
30 Non-Disclosure of intellectual property as information under the Right to Information Act 2005 - Ms. Shefali Singh 24-06-2019 (739.57KB)


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