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S. No. Title Recruitment Date Download
11 Right to Information in Education Sector by Surbhi Khurana 23-08-2019 (802.92KB)
12 Impact of the Right to Information Act, 2005 in Institutionalizing Transparency and Accountability in Indian Governance by Dipali Singh 23-08-2019 (619.57KB)
13 Central Information Commission Internship Scheme- 2018 31-07-2019 (272.24KB)
14 A study to Promote Paperless Filing of Appeals by Simplifying the Online Process at Central Information Commission by Arpan Shukla 29-07-2019 (719.09KB)
15 The Role of Non-Governmental Organisation in the Implementation of Right to Information Act by Anshuman Jaiswal 29-07-2019 (1123.28KB)
16 Public Authority by Tanya Singh 29-07-2019 (1051.73KB)
17 Right to Information and E-Governance by Ravi Kumar 29-07-2019 (1061.31KB)
18 Right to Privacy “Section 24” by Shail Jaiswal 29-07-2019 (2049.81KB)
19 Analysis of Section 2(f) of the RTI Act, 2005 by Debayan Chatterjee 29-07-2019 (570.52KB)
20 Transparency, Disclosure & Powers of Information Commissioner under the RTI Act, 2005-An Analysis with regard to public universities by Amit Pandey 11-07-2019 (1034.24KB)


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