Central Information Commission


S.No. Title Attachment Date of issue
119 Extension of date of tender for providing green plants and fresh cut flowers in CIC PDF icon ExtensionOfTenderForFlowers.pdf 12-04-2016
118 Applications are invited for Publication Of Compendiums/ Journals of orders/judgments of the CIC, Hon'ble High Courts and Hon'ble Supreme Court PDF icon PublicationOfCompendium.pdf
117 Extension of Registrar Advertisement 2016 - Employment News PDF icon ExtensionofRegistrarAdvertisement2016-Employment News.pdf 05-04-2016
116 Extension of Registrar Advertisement 2016- NewsPaper PDF icon ExtensionofRegistrarAdvertisement2016-NewsPaper.pdf 05-04-2016
115 Applications invited for providing green plants and fresh cut flower arrangements in CIC PDF icon TenderforGreenPlants.pdf 01-04-2016
114 Advertisement for bid for Courier Services PDF icon CourierServices.pdf 31-03-2007
113 Advertisement for bid for Electrical & Civil Work Services PDF icon ElecCivil.pdf 31-03-2007
112 Advertisement for bid for Legal Services PDF icon LegalServices.pdf 31-03-2007
111 Advertisement for bid for Hiring of Staff Car PDF icon TaxiTourist.pdf 28-02-2006
110 Advertisement for bid for Manpower for Ministerial Work PDF icon ManPowerHouseKeeping.pdf 28-02-2006