Minutes of the Meeting   -  19.05.2009
Present: -

A. Shri Wajahat Habibullah, Chief Information Commissioner
B. Shri A N Tiwari, Information Commissioner
C. Smt. Annapurna Dixit, Information Commissioner
D. Shri Satyananda Mishra, Information Commissioner
E. Shri Shailesh Gandhi, Information Commissioner
F. Smt. Omita Paul, Information Commissioner
G. Secretary In charge Smt Anita Gupta and other officers assisted the Commission.

Agenda 1: Finalization of the Code of Ethics for CIC/ICs

Commission discussed the draft and finalized the Code of Ethics for the CIC/ICs. The Code of Ethics will be uploaded onto the website of the Commission.

It was decided that to conserve paper henceforth Agenda Papers and the Minutes of the CIC Meetings will be electronically circulated to the CIC/ICs who are comfortable with that.

Secretary, DOPT will be requested to issue a circular to the Public Authorities clarifying the jurisdiction of the Central Information Commission and a State Commission, entertaining appeal/complaints in respect of Joint Ventures

Agenda 2: ATR on the MOM dated 5.5.09

Commission desired that action may now be initiated on the proposal for preparing citations of all its decisions by ejurix as directed by it. It further directed to report the details of the action taken for updating the workflow system of the Commission.