Dr. O.P. Kejariwal

Curriculum Vitae

Name             : DR. OM PRAKASH KEJARIWAL
Date of Birth : 23 February 1944

Educational Qualifications:

1.     Ph.D. on the topic ‘The Asiatic Society of Bengal and the Discovery of lndia’s Past’, Bihar University, 1984.

2.     Gold Medallist (First Position in the First Division), M.A. (History), Bihar University, 1966.

3.     Gold Medallist (First Position in the First Division), B.A. (with Honours in History), Bihar University, 1964

4.     First Division, Senior Cambridge, St. Xavier's, Patna, J 960.

5.     Gold Medallist~ Inter-Jesuit School English Essay Contest, 1960.

6.     Gold Medallist, Hindi Essay Contest, 1960, St. Xavier's, Patna.

Honours & Awards:

1.     Special invitee to a symposium on 'Sir William Jones' organised by the New York University, 1994.

2.     Awarded Visiting Fellowship by the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain, London, 1992.

3.     Awarded the Nehru Fellowship, 1990.

4.     Awarded the prestigious Silver Medal for the best book on oriental subjects (1987-89) by the Asiatic Society of Bombay.

5.     Awarded Visiting Fellowship by the British Council in 1982 and 1990.

6.     Awarded Fellowship by the Indian Council of Historical Research, 1980-82.

7.     Elected Distinguished Xaverian, 2000.


1.       Kejariwal, O.P., 1988, The Asiatic Society of Bengal and the Discovery of India's Past, 1784-1838, Delhi, Oxford University Press.

(The book carries a Foreword by the eminent Indologist, A.L. Basham, in which he commended 'the excellent study to discriminating readers throughout the world').

2.     Kejariwal, O.P. 1995, 'William Jones: The Copernicus of History' in Objects of Enquiry (edited by Garland Cannon and Kevin Brine), New York, New York University Press.

3.     Kejariwal, O.P., 1997, 'The Prinseps of India: A Personal Quest' in a special number of Indian Archives, Delhi, National Archives of India.  

4.     Kejariwal, O.P., 1997, 'James Prinseps : His Life and Work'. Introduction to a reprint edition of Benares Illustrated by James Prinsep, 1833, Varanasi: Vishwavidyalaya Prakashan.

5.     Kejariwal, O.P., 2003, Ghalib in Translation, UBS, New Delhi.

6.     Kejariwal, O.P.,1990, 'Information Back-up for Historical Studies : The Need and the Availability, Social Science Information: Problems and Prospects, New Delhi, Har Anand and Vikas.

7.     Kejariwal, O.P.,1988, 'The Indian History Congress and Historical Research in the North-East', Shillong : Proceedings of the North-East Indian History Association (Based on the keynote address at the seminar on the same subject in Kohima, 1987).

8.     Kejariwal, O.P.,1987, 'The Historiography of the North East: The Need for a Corrective', Shillong ; Proceedings of the North-East Indian History Association.

9.     Kejariwal, O.P.,1966, ‘Khoj' (The Search) (A Short Story) in Vaagarth, Calcutta, Bharatiya Bhasha Parishad.

(This story has been translated and published in Urdu, Gujarati, Marathi, Oriya, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam).

10. Kejariwal, O:P.(ed), 2004 Indian Culture : Tradition & Continuity, Department of Culture, Ministry of Tourism and Culture, Govt. of India.

11. Kejariwal, O.P. (ed), 2004, Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bombay A Comprehensive Index, 1841-2001. Published by Nehru Memorial Museum and Library and the Asiatic Society of Mumbai..

In Hindi:

1.     Kejariwal, O.P. (ed), 2004, Videsh Mein Hindi: Sthiti aur Sambhavanaen, Nehru Memorial Museum & Library, New Delhi.

2.      Kejariwal, O.P. (ed), 2004, Selected Works of Acharya Narendra Dev, Vol. I & IT, Nehru Memorial Museum & Library.  


Served as Visiting Professor of History, North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong 1986-1990.


1.     'Sir William James,' Motichandra Memorial Lecture, New Delhi, 2004.

2.     'James Prinsep: His Life and Work,' B.R. Grover Memorial Lecture, Tirupati, 2004.

3.     'The Prinseps of India', the Founder's Day Oration, Asiatic Society, Calcutta, 1999.

4.     'The Asiatic Society and the Making of India's History', Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, New Delhi, April 1995.

5.     ‘The Imperialist School of History : Some Reconsiderations’, Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain, London, June 1992.


The above-mentioned achievements in academics and publication have been made during my career in the Indian Information Service of the Government of India, which I joined in 1966.

Career in the Civil Services:

1.     Chief Executive Officer, Prasar Bharati, (August 1998-June 1999).

2.     Director-General, All India Radio, (August 1997-June 1999); post from which retired.

3.     Director, Nehru Memorial Museum & Library, New Delhi, (June 1999- February 2004)

4.     Director-General (News), All India Radio, (May-August 1997).

5.     Director, Research, Reference & Training Division & Director, Field Publicity, New Delhi, (1996-1997).

6.     Director, Publications Division, (April 1993-September 1996).

Responsible for completing The Collected Works on Mahatma Gandhi in one hundred volumes.  For this, received a special mention by the Prime Minister in his public address on the occasion of the release of the hundredth and the last volume, 1 October 1994.

7.       Director, Central Monitoring Services, All India Radio (Additional Charge), (1995).

8.     Additional Director-General, News Services Division, All India Radio, (September 1990-ApriI1991).

9.     Chief of Media, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, (April 1985-April 1986).

10. Chief Editor, Akashvani Group of Journals, (March 1983-April 1985). Brought out a number of special issues including one on 'Foreign Scholars on India'.

11. Deputy Principal Information Officer, Press Information Bureau, New Delhi, (1982-1983).

12. Editor, Publications Division, Delhi, (April 1974-January 1980).        Also functioned as Editor and Administrative Head of Employment News, 1979. Wrote over fifty editorials for the publication.

13. News Editor and Administrative Head of the Hindi News Unit, News Services Division, All India Radio, (January 1 971-April 1974).

14. Commentary Writer and Administrative Head of the Commentary Section, Films Division, Bombay, (January 1968-January 1971).

Wrote commentaries for over a hundred newsreels and several documentaries some of which featured in national and international film festivals. The film LIFE (commentary by me) won the National Award.

Other Appointments (Honorary)

1.     Appointed Chairman, Board of Management, National Library, Kolkata, 2002.

2.     Nominated Member, Asiatic Society Council, 2002.

3.     Elected Fellow of the Asiatic Society (F AS), 2000.

4.     Appointed Editor, Indian Horizons, Indian Council for Cultural Relations, 1998. Published 'India at 501 (Special issue) with a Foreword by the Prime Minister.

5.     Appointed Member of the Music Board, Visva Bharati, Santiniketan, 1998. Appointed Chairperson of a Task Force on Government Publications set up by the Planning Commission, 1995.

6.     Served as Vice-Chairman, Delhi Public Library, 1990-1993.

          E-mail : okejariwal@nic.in